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About us

When commercials and engineers work together:

MagentaSys is a Swiss structure combining a sale and a development departments. Our strength relies in the close relationships that we maintain between these two divisions. With such organization, our sale force could rely on the engineering team to provide a very high level of support. We will guide you during your integration phase and will answer for the deep technical questions that will occur while using our products. On the other side, our development team benefits of the broad knowledge of the market of our commercial team and from close interactions with the customer. This is a crucial aspect that we keep always in mind and that enables us to deliver complex and demanding systems according to your tight schedules.

A technical sale force:

Our sale team is composed by modular electronic experts. These former engineers will know how to speak with you in a technical language and will be able to guide you through your crucial choices. Thanks to their former experience and their broad knowledge of the electronic market, they will help you finding a solution that will cover your need.

A strong partner network:

We have strong and long term relations with all the companies we are representing. Our partners are providing excellent quality product and support and we are able to team-up on important projects.

A highly skilled developement team:

Our development team is composed by engineers that cover the following skills:

Software development: Expertise in C/C++ - Python – Labview. The majority of our software drivers are available on Windows, Linux of VxWorks.

FPGA development: Our experts are specialized in high speed / low latency data flow with integration of demanding algorithms to perform signal or video processing.

Hardware development: We can develop custom boards for your specific needs.

A key location in Switzerland:

We are based in Geneva, between the CERN and the airport. This a key situation in Switzerland since this city contains all the infrastructures to travel easily. The Geneva-Lausanne area is a major place for fundamental research and high-tech companies.


Created in 2005, MagentaSys started by selling Acqiris equipment within Switzerland with a special focus on Physics (CERN, PSI, GSI, ETHZ, EPFL) and Industrial application (Novartis, Alstom). Growing year after year as a sales company, we are now also providing integration services with a focus on customer support. Today, MagentaSys is certainly distributing the largest catalog of modular instrumentation with new standards like PCIe, PXIe AXIe, aTCA, cPCI-serial but not forgetting the VME and the cPCI. From the fastest digitizers to the chassis, processors and Ios with integration services with strong knowledge of C++, Matlab, LabView and FPGAs, we are able to provide turnkey solutions to our customers.

Job opportunities

MagentaSys is always looking for talented engineers and sales engineers. Feel free to send your CV and contact info to sales at Magentasys.com if you're interested.