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The D602 is a 6U, CompactPCI COTS computer, certifiable up to SIL 4 and DAL-A, with triple redundancy for functional safety on a single board to achieve fail-operational, fault-tolerant behavior.


- 3x PowerPC 750 (lockstep mode), 3x 512 MB DDR RAM

- Fail-operational, fault-tolerant behavior

- Fail-safe and fail-silent board architecture

- Clustering of two D602 to raise availability

- Board management, BITE

- SEU (radiation) tolerant

- Certifiable up to SIL 4 (with report from TÜV SÜD) and DAL-A

- Developed according to RTCA DO-254, EN 50129 and IEC 61508

- EN 50155 compliance - Up to -40 to +70°C with qualified components

- Convection or conduction cooling