EL501 (RTM)

Brand Format Applications Availability
YellowSys VME
  • Test & Measurement
  • Controls
  • Physics


The board EL501 is a rear transmission module (RTM) used as a carrier for the following custom mezzanines: 

It is possible to plug up to 4 different mezzanines boards on it, in order to offer a maximum of I/Os for the user application. This board is the link between Mezzanine and FPGA through VME P2 connector. The combination - FPGA board (the SVEC board has been used currently) + EL501 + mezzanines - offers a lot of possibilities. 

By choosing a combination of mezzanines, it is possible to have up to 64 programmable I/Os with multiple standards (NIM - TTL - OC ...).

Board features:

  •  Power supply 5V to 2 x 12V;1A 
  •  Power supply 5V to -5V;2A 
  •  Memory (I2C) 
  •  Current measurement (I2C) 
  •  -5V power supply current 
  •  Mezz A: 12V current; 5V current 
  •  Mezz B: 12V current; 5V current 
  •  Mezz C: 12V current; 5V current 
  •  Mezz D: 12V current; 5V current