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The EL502 board is a Mezzanine board that goes on top of the 501 RTM board.

This board is an I/O board that controls up to 16 analog I/Os. The standard of each I/O is programmable and can be changed dynamically and independently from each others.

The board has two different configurations:

  •  12 I/Os + 1 RS485 connection
  •  16 I/Os.

Electrical specifications

  • 16 IOs (switch: IOs) or 12 IOs (switch: PWD & RS485). IOs independently conigurable: 
  • TTL input (w/wo 50 Ohms load) 
  • NIM input (w/wo 50 Ohms load) 
  • TTL output (50 Ohms tolerant) 
  • NIM output 
  • Open-Collector output (Attention: ...) 
  • Open-Collector with pull up (4k7 to 5V)