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The board EL505 is a base board who is drive by an EL504 board. It can be use like a base board for

EL502 Mezzanine if long distance (up to 350m) is needed.


  • Power Supply 9-30V connected on Mini IO Type2 connector (comming from EL504 or external power supply)
  • 3 isolated Power supply (+12V; +5V ; -5V) to feed EL502 board can be activated with digital IO controlled trough I2C bus
  • 4 RS485 signals connected on Mini IO Type 1 connector
  • Convert I2C signal to 3 RS485 signals (SCL and SDA from EL504 to EL505; SDA from EL505 to EL504)
  • Send RS485 signal (coming from IFC trough EL505 & EL502 board) to EL504 board
  • 4 user LEDs
  • Memory (I2C)