Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration FMC
  • Remote Radio Head receiver
  • OBSAI and CPRI interface
  • Serial FPDP and SRIO fiber optic ports

FMC-QSFP+ provides two QSFP+ ports on a standard FMC module with programmable clock and support features. Fiber optic links to remote IO, such as Remote Radio Head applications, from host processing and FPGA cards support up to 40 Gbps bit rates.


-    Two QSFP+ ports

-    Up to 40 Gbps per port (IEEE 802.3ba)

-    2-wire I2C communication interface and other low-speed electrical interface compliant to SFF 8436 and QSFP Multisource Agreement (MSA)

-    Programmable low jitter clock supports 0.16 to 350 MHz range with 1PPM step

-    Spread-spectrum clock support

-    10 MHz, 0.5 PPM reference

-    FMC (ANSI/VITA57) Module

    (Note: module extends beyond FMC form-factor on the face plate. See mechanical requirements.)