Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration FMC
  • Industrial Instrumentation Systems
  • Real-Time Control Systems
  • Sensor Data Recording and Playback
  • Machine Learning Systems

The FMC-SERVO module features eight simultaneously sampling A/D and DACs. Low latency SAR A/D and fast-settling DACs support real-time servo control applications. The programmable input range and high input interface directly to many sensors, while the output is capable of driving many transducers. Front panel digital IO can be also be used as PWM or process controls.


-    Eight A/D Input Channels

     -   500 kSPS, 16-bit A/D

     -   Differential, Gain Programmable

-    Eight D/A Output Channels

     -   0.5μs Settling Time, 16-bit D/A

     -   ± 10V Output Range

-    Sample clocks and timing and controls

     -   10 MHz, ±250 ppb stability on- board reference

     -   Programmable PLL

     -   Programmable Clock Frequency as low as 3.05 kHz

     -   Integrated with FMC triggers

-    FMC module, VITA 57.1

     -   High Pin Count no SERDES required

     -   Compatible with 2.5V VADJ

     -   Power monitor and controls

-    8W typical

-    Conduction Cooling per VITA 20 subset

-    Environmental ratings for -40° to 85°C, 9g RMS sine, 0.1g2/Hz random vibration