GX5152 Series

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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Available

The GX5152 Series are high speed, 6U PXI, digital I/O instruments. The GX5152 master controller has 32 I/O channels that supports test rates up to 50 MHz and vector depths up to 128 Mb per pin. The GX5153 slave offers the same timing characteristics and multiple I/O level configurations when used in conjunction with the GX5152. The GX5152 can control up to 15 GX5153 boards using the same timing and sequencer.


-    32 Input or Output channels

-    Up to 128 Mb vectors per channel

-    Conditional Jump and Pause commands

-    Can be combined with the GT50-DIO

-    Test rates up to 50 MHz

-    6U PXI Instrument