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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Available

The GX5642 is a 3U PXI instrument card that can be used for general data acquisition, process control, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Functional Test, and factory automation applications. The GX5642 consists of 64 bi-directional TTL-to-differential LVDS I/O channels. Each channel has two ports (TTL and LVDS) and can be individually set to operate in either conversion or static I/O modes.

The GX5642 can support 128 individual digital inputs or outputs, 64 TTL, and 64 differential LVDS, or 64 conversion channels. Each channel on the GX5642 can be individually programmed to operate in conversion or static modes. Conversion direction defaults can be set by configuring on board switches. Depending on the selected mode, the GX5642’s channels can be predefined to convert TTL to differential LVDS or vice versa.


-    64 bi-directional TTL I/O and LVDS differential I/O ports per channel

-    128 digital inputs or outputs with direction control

-    Channels can be programmed to operate in conversion or static I/O modes via software control

-    Each TTL and differential LVDS output port can be individually enabled / disabled through software control

-    Compatible with NI PXI 7811R DAQ FPGA module