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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Available

The GX5731 is a 6U modular digital I/O card with 224 I/O channels. Designed for ATE, data acquisition, or process control systems where a large number of discrete I/O channels are required, the GX5731 offers the highest density in the industry for a single PXI plug-in board. Of the 224 channels, 128 support TTL levels with the direction of each group of eight channels programmable as input or output. The other 96 channels can be used for customized I/O using MTS' GX57xx series I/O modules.


-    Four 32-bit TTL ports for a total of 128 TTL input or output channels

-    Three 32-bit ports accept GX57xx I/O modules for customized input or output levels (96 customizable I/O channels)

-    Available I/O modules include Digital Input Latch, Digital Output Latch, Digital Power Outputs, Differential TTL (RS-422), and LVDS

-    I/O modules available with on-board memory for vector I/O sequencing

-    I/O modules can be used to replace obsolete Summation Digital I/O products (DIL, DOL, and DPO

-    6U PXI Instrument