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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Available

The GX5733 is a 3U modular digital I/O card that offers up to 128 I/O channels. Designed for ATE, data acquisition, or process control systems where a large number of discrete I/O channels are required, the GX5733 offers the highest channel density and flexibility in the industry for a single slot, 3U PXI plug-in board. 96 channels support TTL levels and an additional 32 I/O channels can be customized by installing one of Marvin Test Solutions' GX57xx series I/O modules. Alternatively, the remaining port can be configured to support 32 TTL channels.


-    Three 32-bit LVTTL ports for a total of 96 LVTTL input or output channels

-    One 32-bit configurable port accepts the GX57xx I/O module for customized I/O levels

-    Compatible with PXI Express hybrid peripheral slots