GX5960 Series

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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Available

The GX5960 digital subsystem represents the highest level of performance available for PXI-based digital instrumentation. Based on the proven architecture of the GX5055 and the EADS T964, the GX5960 offers high performance pin electronics and a timing generator / sequencer in a compact, 6U PXI form factor. The GX5960 series consists of one GX5961 Clock generator board with 16 driver / sensor channels and the GX5964 driver / sensor board which supports 32 bi-directional I/O channels. Up to 528 digital I/O channels can be supported by the GX5960 digital subsystem. Each digital channel features a wide drive / sense voltage range of -15 V to +25 V (maximum swing of 26 volts) which can be individually programmed for a drive hi, drive lo, sense hi, sense lo, and a load value (with commutation voltage level) – offering the user complete flexibility when creating test programs and fixtures for multiple UUTs. In addition, each channel offers a parametric measurement unit (PMU) for DC measurements. 


-    High voltage pin electronics with per channel programmability & PMU pin

-    Analog bus access for each I/O channel

-    Dual level drive / sense, and programmable load on a per channel basis

-    256 timing sets with 4 phases and 4 windows

-    Supports up to 528 bi-directional I/O channels