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The four models of the M2i.20xx series are designed for the fast and high quality data acquisition. Each of the up to four input channels has its own A/D converter and its own programmable input amplifier. This allows to record signals on all channels with 8 bit resolution without any phase delay between them. The inputs can be selected to one of seven input ranges by software and can be programmed to compensate an input offset of +/-400% of the input range. The extremely large on-board memory allows long time recording even with highest sampling rates. A FIFO mode is also integrated on the board. This allows to acquire data continuously for online processing in the PC or for data storage on hard disk.


- Up to 200 MS/s on two channels

- Up to 100 MS/s on four channels

- Simultaneous sampling on all channels

- Separate ADC and amplifier per channel

- 7 input ranges +/-50 mV up to +/-5 V

- Window, pulse width, re-arm, OR/AND trigger

- Programmable input offset of +/-400 %

- 512 MByte on-board memory (up to 4 GByte)