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Spectrum PCI Available

The M2i.31xx series allows recording of two, four or eight channels with sampling rates of 1 MS/s, 10 MS/s or 25 MS/s. Due to the proven design a wide variety of 12 bit A/D converter boards for PCI/PCI-X bus and PCI Express can be offered. These boards are available in several versions and different speed grades making it possible for the user to find an individual solution.As an option 4 digital inputs per channel can be recorded synchronously. The installed memory of up to 2 GSample will be used for fast data recording. It can be used completely by the currently active channels. If using slower sampling rates the memory is switched to a FIFO buffer and data will be transferred on-line to the PC memory or to hard disk.


- Models with 1 MS/s, 10 MS/s or 25 MS/s

- 2, 4 or 8 channel versions

- Simultaneously sampling on all channels

- Separate ADC and amplifier per channel

- 8 input ranges: +/-50 mV up to +/-10 V

- Programmable input offset +/-100%

- Window, pulse width, re-arm, OR/AND trigger

- 512 MByte on-board memory (up to 4 GByte)