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Spectrum PCI Available

The M2i.70xx series of fast digital I/O boards offer a resolution between 1 bit and 64 bit with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MS/s (62.5 MS/s). All I/O lines of the card can be programmed for either input or output direction. The on-board memory of up to 4 GByte can be used completely for recording or replaying digital data. Alternatively the M2i.70xx can be used in FIFO mode. All boards of the M2i.70xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory completely for the currently activated number of channels. Then data is transferred on-line to PC memory or hard disk. The internal standard synchronisation bus allows synchronisation of several M2i series cards. Therefore the M2i.70xx board can be used as an enlargement to analog boards.


- Models with 125 MS/s

- 16, 32 or 64 bit versions

- 110 Ohm input impedance selectable

- Inputs 3.3 V and 5 V TTL compatible

- Pattern/edge/pulse width/delay trigger

- FIFO mode for input and output

- 256 MByte on-board memory (up to 4 GByte)