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Spectrum PCIe Available

The M2i.72xx Express pattern generator series gives the user the possibility to generate digital data with a wide range of output levels. For every 4 bit the LOW and HIGH levels can be programmed from -2.0 V up to +10.0 V. Even at high speeds you are not limited concerning the maximum output swing. This enables the user to drive devices of nearly any logic family, like ECL, PECL, TTL, LVDS, LVTTL, CMOS or LVCMOS. The potentially necessary differential signals are generated in hardware, so that only one data bit is used for each pair of differential signals. The onboard memory of up to 4 GByte can be used completely for recording or replaying digital data. Alternatively the M2i.70xx can be used in FIFO mode. Then data is transferred on-line from PC memory or hard disk. All boards of the M2i.72xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory completely for the currently activated number of channels.


- Models with 10 MS/s or 40 MS/s

- Programmable output levels from -2,0 V up to +10,0 V

- Levels individually programmable per 4 bit

- All Outputs can be separately disabled (Tristate)

- Hardware controlled differential output possible

- Edge/pulse width/delay trigger

- FIFO mode for output

- 512 MByte on-board memory (up to 4 GByte)