MMP Controller

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The universal MICP interface board connects the analog ports of PHQ photomultiplier supply with a digital standard interface. This allows to integrate devices with an Analog-I/O into computer-based control systems. The high resolution of analog inputs and outputs allows a very precise control of current and voltage of connected devices.

It is possible, for instance, to control and measure an output voltage of 1,000 V with a resolution lower than 10 mV. Each MICP board is able to control, monitor and supply 16 photomultiplier supplies of type PHQ.


-    CAN, USB and Ethernet interfaces

-    16 analog output with 20 Bit DAC

-    32 analog inputs with 24 Bit DAC

-    32 digital I/O ports

-    functions: set and read of voltage/current/ramp, HV on/off, INHIBIT, electronical polarity switching for DPS global safety loop

-    multiple MICP chainable via CAN