Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration PCIe
  • Medical Imaging
  • High Speed Data Recording and Playback
  • IP Development
  • Wireless Receivers - LTE, WiMAX, SATCOM
  • Signal Intelligence

The PEX6-COP is a flexible FPGA co-processor card that integrates a Virtex6 FPGA computing core with an industry-standard FMC IO module on a half-length PCI Express desktop or server card.


- Desktop/Server 3/4-length FPGA coprocessor card

- FMC I/O site (VITA 57) with x10 5 Gbps MGT lanes, 80 LVDS pairs (LA, HA, HB full support)

- FPGA Computing Core

- Xilinx Virtex6 LX240T, SX315T or SX475T

- 5 Banks of 256MB x 16 DDR3 (2.5GB total)

- 2 banks of QDRII+ SRAM (4MB each, options to 18MB each)

- 32Mb FLASH

- Dual sample clock inputs

- High speed trigger inputs support multi-card synchronization and coordinated sampling

- Gen2 x8 PCI Express providing 4 GB/s burst and 3.2 GB/s sustained transfer rates

- x4 Secondary Port usable as PCI Express or Aurora

- <15W typical excluding FMC

- Configures from on-card FLASH

- Temperature monitoring

- High temperature option: 0° to +85°C operation