Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration VPX
  • VPXI-ePC signal processing applications
  • Embedded Instrumentation and Control
  • System timing expansion for VPXI-ePC

The RTM-COMEX is a 3U OpenVPX RTM Module for the VPX-COMEX CPU card. The RTM-COMEX provides I/O support for the VPX-COMEX including USB, Ethernet, DisplayPort and VPXI Timing Expansion.


- Rear Terminal IO card for VPX-COMEX CPU

   - 3U RTM module

   - OpenVPX VITA 46.10, VITA65

- Rear panel I/O

   - USB 2.0

   - 10/100/1000 Ethernet

   - DisplayPort

   - VPXI Timing Port

- Internal I/O (optional rear panel support)

   - 3x USB 2.0

   - Sample clock and trigger

- VPXI Timing Expansion Port

   - Extends VPXI timing signals to second chassis or custom equipment

   - Synchronize multiple chassis sampling

- Battery for CPU clock (removable)

- GPS Interface

   - Serial port for GPS communication

   - PPS and 10 MHz inputs

   - Supports Trimble Mini-T GPS and others