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Keysight PCIe
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The U5303A is a two channel PCIe 12-bit digitizer with programmable on-board processing. This ADC card occupies a single full-length PCIe slot of the host PC and captures signals on 2 channels, from DC to 2 GHz at 1 GS/s, 1.6 GS/s or 2 GS/s. Featuring DDR3 acquisition memory up to 4 GB, this digitizer includes a Xilinx FPGA allowing the implementation of custom real-time processing algorithms.

The U5303A digitizer provides several firmware options:

The digitizer firmware option (-DGT) with up to 2 GS/s, 1.6 GS/s, 1 GS/s or 500 MS/s per channel, included in most configurations

The interleaved option (-INT) that allows two channels to be combined to reach 4 GS/s, 3.2 GS/s or 2 GS/s in one channel acquisition mode

The real-time sampling and averaging option (-AVG) that performs waveform accumulations at up to 4 GS/s on single-channel and 2 GS/s on dual-channel

The real-time signal peak detection option (-PKD) that performs peak detection and enables generation of a histogram of peak versus time for successive acquisitions

The simultaneous acquisition and readout option that enables longer acquisition time, allowing to acquire signals while reading the previously acquired data, either continuously (-CSR) or using triggered multi-records (-TSR)

Besides, this digitizer offers the following application options:

The streaming and recording applications that provide a real-time digitizer data recorder (-CB0) with digital down-conversion capability at 1 GS/s (-CB1), 1.6 GS/s (-CB2) or 2 GS/s (-CB3)

The swept source OCT options that enables real-time OCT signal processing and supports A-scan rate from 50 kHz to 100 kHz (-SS1) or A-scan rate of 200 kHz (-SS2)


- 2 channels with 12-bit resolution and a DC to 2 GHz frequency range, up to 4 GS/s sampling rate in interleaved mode

- On-board memory and acquisition control using a Xilinx FPGA, support for loading custom real-time processing (-FDK)

- Specific firmware options such as Real-time sampling and averaging (-AVG), Real-time signal peak detection (-PKD), Triggered simultaneous acquisition and readout (-TSR), Continuous simultaneous acquisition and readout (-CSR)

- Dedicated options for application such as Digitizer streaming and recording (-CB0), Digital down-converter streaming and recording (-CB1/-CB2/-CB3), Swept source OCT (-SS1/-SS2), High fidelity digitizer (-BB1)