uTCA power supply

Brand Format Applications Availability
Wiener uTCA
  • Test & Measurement
  • Automation
  • Fast Acquisition and Generation
  • Controls
  • Fast Detectors (channel plates, pickup, ...)
  • Large multichannel Systems

The WIENER MTCA.4 is a low noise and ripple / high power density power supply in a double height / double width form factor. Designed according to the PICMIC MTCA-4 standard it provides 1000W for 12V payload power as well as 3.3V management power.


-   1000W low noise power supply according to MTCA-4 standard

-   Wide range AC input 90 - 264 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz

-   Integrated MTCA.4 Digital Power Controller

-   16 channels 12V DC, up to 8.4A each (payload power), max 1000W total and 16 channels 3.3V DC, up to 0.2A (management power)

-   Double height - double width MTCA size