Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration XMCe
  • Wireless Receiver and Transmitter
  • Medical Imaging
  • High Speed Data Recording and Playback
  • WLAN, WCDMA, WiMAX front end
  • IP Development

The X6-GSPS integrates high-speed digitizing with signal processing on a PMC/XMC IO module for demanding DSP applications. The tight coupling of the digitizing to the Virtex6 FPGA core realizes architectures for SDR, RADAR, and LIDAR front end sensor digitizing and processing. The PCI Express system interface sustains transfer rates over 2 GB/s for data recording and integration as part of a high performance realtime system.


- Two 1.8 GSPS, 12-bit A/D channels

- Single channel interleaved @ 3.6GHz

- +/-0.5V, AC-Coupled, 50 ohm, SMA inputs

- Xilinx Virtex6 SX315T/SX475T or LX240T

- 4 Banks of 1GB DRAM (4 GB total)

- Ultra-low jitter programmable clock

- Gen2 x8 PCI Express providing 2 GB/s sustained transfer rates

- PCI 32-bit, 66 MHz with P4 to Host card

- PMC/XMC Module (75x150 mm)

- 20-25W typical

- Conduction Cooling per VITA 20

- Ruggedization Levels for Wide Temperature Operation

- Adapters for VPX, Compact PCI, desktop PCI and cabled PCI Express systems