X6-RX (PCIe-RX6)

Brand Format Applications Availability
Innovative-Integration XMCe
  • Medical Imaging
  • High Speed Data Recording and Playback
  • Wireless Receiver
  • WLAN, WCDMA, WiMAX front end
  • IP Development


The X6-RX is a flexible receiver that integrates IF digitizing with signal processing on a PMC IO module. The module provides up to 24 configurable receiver channels with a powerful Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA signal processing core, and high performance PCI Express/PCI host interface. With the X6-RX, IF recorders can log both the digitized raw data and channels real-time sustaining rates over 2 GB/s.


- Four 160 MSPS, 16-bit A/D channels

- Down-Converter ASIC supporting up to 24 Narrowband or 8 Wideband Channels

- +/-1.2V, AC-Coupled, 50 ohm, SMA inputs

- Xilinx Virtex6 SX315T/SX475T or LX240T

- 4 Banks of 1GB DRAM

- Ultra-low jitter programmable clock

- x8 PCI Express Gen2, providing 2 GB/s sustained transfer rates

- PCI 32-bit, 66 MHz with P4 to Host card

- PMC/XMC Module (75x150 mm)

- < 15W typical

- Conduction Cooling per VITA 20

- Ruggedization Levels for Wide Temperature Operation

- Adapters for VPX, Compact PCI, desktop PCI and cabled PCI Express systems