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Adlink aTCA Available

The aTCA-8214 is a 12U 14-slot AdvancedTCA® shelf. It supports 14-slot dual dual-star topology fabric interface and standard Rear Transition Module slots. Dual-Pigeon Point Systems SHMM-500 based shelf manager (ShMC) are designed to work in Active/Standby mode for redundancy. With dual-bussed IPMB and I2C buses in system, ShMC can manipulate the AdvancedTCA® blades and hot-swappable fan trays according to the temperature sensor reading. Dual -48 V DC power entry modules will filter and monitor power requirement.


-    19" Rackmount, 12U height, 383.1 mm depth

-    14-slot dual dual-star topology Fabric Interface

-    14-slot standard Rear Transition Module

-    Dual-bussed IPMB

-    Hot-swappable IPMC controlled fan trays

-    Two shelf management controller slots

-    Dual -48 V DC power entry modules