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Adlink aTCA Available

The aTCA-H8606C Series is a 6U AdvancedTCA rackmount shelf with five slots that support AdvancedTCA modules and two slots that support two shelf management modules. Equipped with a 6- slot Dual-Dual Star topology fabric interface and standard rear transition module (RTM) slots, the aTCA-H8606C Series comes with triple, hot-swappable fan tray modules and dual -48V DC power entry modules capable of filtering and monitoring up to 3000 watts of power.

Providing robust control, monitoring, and management of the aTCA-H8606C Series is the optional aCMM-2100 module, a dual Pigeon Point Systems shelf manager (ShMC) that is designed to work in active or standby mode for efficient redundancy. With dual- IPMB buses and I2C in system buses, the aCMM-2100 can control all installed AdvancedTCA blades and fan trays based on temperature and other built-in sensor readings.


-    19" Rackmount, 6U height, 16.4" depth

-    6-slot full mesh topology Fabric interface

-    6 standard Rear Transition Module slots

-    Dual-Bused IPMB

-    Dual hot swappable I2C controller fan trays

-    Dual shelf management controller slots

-    Dual -48VDC power entry modules (DC version)

-    40 Gbps backplane