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CPS modules are highly stable analog controlled high voltage power supplies. They are available as compact metal box or system capable in 3U Eurocassette standard. Modules of the CPS series can be used as standalone DC/DC converters, combined to multichannel AC/DC supply in a THQ series or integrated in a modular MMC system.The output voltage is controllable via analog interface with either a potentiometer (internal reference voltage) or an input analogue control voltage. To protect the connected load the modules are equipped with INHIBIT, current and voltage limits.


-    patented resonance converter technology

-    available as metal-box or 3U MMC version

-    integrable into multichannel THQ AC/DC HV power supply


-    hardware limits for voltage and current

-    low ripple and noise, low EMI

-    customized versions on request

-    -ID chip in 3U version


Vnom 500V - 30kV

Vin 24V

ripple & noise 10mV - 600mV