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EPS modules are versatile DC/DC high voltage power supplies with multiple options. The modules are available as compact metal box in 60W and 150W version or system capable in 3U Eurocassette-standard in 60W. EPS modules can be used as standalone DC/DC converters, combined to multichannel AC/DC supply in a THQ series or integrated in a modular MMC system. The output voltage is controllable via analog interface with either a potentiometer (internal reference voltage) or an analog control voltage. To protect the connected load the modules are equipped with INHIBIT and INTERLOCK (optional).


-    patented resonance converter technology

-    high efficiency

-    voltage and current control

-    low ripple and noise, low EMI

-    multiple options (INTERLOCK, ARC, CLD)

-    highly customizable, optimized versions on request


Vnom 500V - 40kV

Vin 12V - 24V

ripple & noise 0,25V - 500V (depending on configuration).