CAMAC Mini crate series

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Wiener other Available

The WIENER CAMAC mini crate is the perfect choice for small setups with only a few CAMAC modules. The crate offers 11 CAMAC slots in a compact designed chassis with integrated low noise power supply and cooling fan. The mini crate can be used on the desk either as a desktop or up-right unit or be installed in a 19” rack.

Based on the 6000 series it has a built-in microprocessor controlled low-noise power supply technology and provides all local and remote monitoring and control features.

The WIENER CAMAC mini crate is available “DAQ-ready” in a package configuration with high speed USB-2 CAMAC controller.


-    CAMAC-MINI-Bin mechanics for 11 CAMAC modules, suitable either for 19" racks, as tower- or desktop box

-    11 slot CAMAC data way backplane with controller slot 10/11

-    Micro-processor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED display, 4 status LED’s

-    Efficient DC blower, adjustable speed (1200 … 3200 RPM,) temperature controlled

-    Ethernet /RS232 / CAN-bus combo interface  for crate remote monitoring and control

-    Built-in Power-Supply designed in low noise VHF switching technology, noise and ripple typically less than 10mV(pp) or 3mV(rms)

-    4 (+-6V, +-24V) or 6 (+-6V, +-12V, +-24V) output voltages at 650W/>100VAC output power, world wide range AC-input 94 to 260V AC 50Hz/60Hz