MARATON moderate HE

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Wiener 19" rackmount chassis Available

MARATON is a family of MAgnetic field and RAdiation TOleraNt power supplies developed for CERN LHC. MARATON MHE represents a 12 channel low-voltage power supply for installation in a moderate hostile environment with integrated CANbus remote monitoring and control interface.


-    Up to 12 independent, potential free low voltage DC outputs, total up to 3 kW (air cooled) or 3.6kW (water cooled) output power

-    Channels can be operated in Master-Slave mode for paralleling of two ore more outputs (current boosting).

-    Extremely low noise and ripple

-    Fully microprocessor controlled, programmable voltages and thresholds on voltages, currents and temperatures, ramp rates, fully controlled, programmable trip levels and action / group behavior , voltage or current controlled mode

-    CE conform EN 50 081/82 part 2 or 1, safety in accordance with EN 60 950

-    CAN-bus interface for remote monitoring and control

-    DC 385V or  94V - 265VAC world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction / sinusoidal mains current EN 61000-3-2, CE

-    Dimensions: 430mm x 3U (133mm) x 325mm [whd], weight: from 9.6 to 19 kg depending on the number of power modules

-    Optional with Interlock input

-    Optional with logic register for peripheral control, CAN-bus operated

-    Optional water cooled for highest performance.  Water connections pluggable and self sealing when unplugged. Internal water pipes are made of  stainless steel