NIM 6000 series

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Wiener 19" rackmount chassis Available

The WIENER NIM 6000 series combines the technical advantages of the VME 6000 high efficient , low noise switching power supplies with the high reliability CERN spec. conform WIENER NIM chassis. The modular concept of WIENER NIM 6000 series crates allows fan trays and power supplies to be easily inserted and removed without tools.

The NIM connectors of slot 1+2, 4, 6+7, 9, 11+12 feature additional pins for temperature measurement inside inserted NIM modules. These 8 probes, if connected, will be automatically processed by the system monitoring. Two temperature thresholds can be programmed to protect high sophisticated NIM modules. In case the first limit is exceeded the fans turns to maximum speed. When exceeding the second level the  power supply will be switched off.

The NIM 6000 series has all features of the WIENER local and remote monitoring and control which includes a web-ready Ethernet communication.


-    19" x 7 U enclosure for 12 NIM modules

-    Very rugged steel-aluminum construction features 5mm thick heavy duty side plates with zero-tolerance countersink screw positioning of all horizontal rails, stainless steel card guide rails

-    UEL 6020 fan tray equipped with 6 individually controlled long-life DC fans, MTBF >65 000h

-    Integrated fan speed and thermal monitoring, adjustable fan speed (1200 … 3200 RPM)

-    Microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters (voltages, currents, power, temperatures, set-up data…)

-    built in combo interface (Ethernet, RS232, CAN-bus) for remote monitoring and control

-    UEP 6021 high density / lowest-noise power supply in WIENER “Cavity-VHF” switching technology with  excellent RF-shielding, < 10mVpp

-    micro-processor controlled, programmable voltage adjustment, current limits and over-/ under voltage trip off points, temperature limits

-    Self protected against any failure as under/over voltage, over current, over temperature, …

-    94V – 260V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE