NIM CERN-CE 300W with fan tray

Brand Format Availability
Wiener 19" rackmount chassis Available for CERN only

The CERN spec./CE NIM crate series represents modular designed NIM crates with linear regulated power supplies in excellent and proven W-IE-NE-R quality, conforming to EUR4100 and CERN specifications. These NIM crates are outfitted with 300W linear regulated, a fan tray and 300W low noise plug-in power supplies for standard applications.

The modular concept of the CERN NIM and CAMAC standard allows to easily insert / remove and exchange fan trays (if outfitted with) and power supplies. All CERN spec. parts as bins, fan trays and power supplies are interchangeable between different NIM and even CAMAC crates.

All power supplies support the features defined by the CERN standard including the monitoring connector and provide protection against short circuit, over / under voltage and over temperature.


-    5U high bin UEN 03 with 12 NIM slots

-    CERN compatible bin mechanics and wiring, extreme solid / heavy construction, prepared for rear-side plug-in power supply

-    Intelligent fan tray with 3 controlled DC-fans (variable fan speed)

-    3 status LED´s and high visibility alpha-numeric display / diagnostic system

-    CERN spec. high precision linear regulated NIM power supplies for 300W power output, all 6 DC voltages +/-6V, +/-12V +/-24V provided, lowest noise (<3mVpp) technology, special version with increased +/-12V current available (no +/-6V)

-    Power supplies to be plugged-in to the rear of the NIM bin for easy exchange

-    CE conform versions provides improved AC wiring.