NIM Portable 150W

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Wiener 19" rackmount chassis Available

For portable applications this transportable mini NIM crate is suited best for providing 7 NIM slots, (2½ slots used by UEP15 power supply), in a solid steel-aluminum construction. The top cover is equipped with a handle and has a side perforation for convection cooling airflow. The crate is equipped with the very compact UEP15 - 150W, slot power supply providing all 6 DC voltages.


-    7½ slot non-ventilated portable NIM bin UEN 04T (5 slots free)

-    Stabilized stainless steel card guide structure, top cover with handle

-    Front side plug-in slot power supply 2.5 NIM slots wide, 150W power output

-    6-fold DC outputs (+/-6V, +/-12V, +/-24V), stabilized by adjustable monolithic voltage regulators switch-off protection for over / under voltage and over temperature failures

-    AC input 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz