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As industrial computing moves to cloud-based solutions, power saving has come to the forefront as a major consideration for all companies and organizations. With our efforts to increase energy efficiency, thus reducing costs and damage to the environment, ADLINK has developed the Embedded Power Management Agent (EPMA), an integrated software package that monitors and effectively manages power consumption on the latest ADLINK x86 boards to enable green computing.

With ADLINK EPMA, users can set power limits on ADLINK server boards, allowing maximized rack density with confidence that the rack power budget will not be exceeded. During a power or thermal emergency, EPMA software can intelligently limit server power consumption and extend service uptime. EPMA also provides an interface to collect power and thermal statistics of ADLINK server boards, providing crucial information for big data analysis, and helping to improve the power supply and cooling design of the server facility.


-    Reports board-level power consumption, inlet thermal statistics

-    Limits power consumption via pre-defined policy triggers, including simple power limiting (no policy trigger), inlet temperature limiting (temp high trigger) and boot time limiting

-    Sets Intel® Node Manager policy suspend period during which no power policy control will be enforced

-    Takes exception action if power budget cannot be met within the configured correction time (e.g. send alert, shutdown system)