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The Intel® Media Server Studio (Intel® MSS) is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) application programming interface (API) for developing professional video applications on video platforms equipped with Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware. Intel® MSS effectively uses the GPU to offload transcoding tasks from the CPU, significantly accelerating video processing speed and reducing CPU resource loading.

ADLINK MediaManager software, which expands on the functionality of the Intel® MSS by providing additional media building blocks to handle common media processing tasks not natively addressed by the Intel® MSS Library, including container file operations (mux and demux), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) receiving/streaming, video composition, and pipeline samples for video streaming, video analytics and video conferencing.


-    Demux/Mux Module: Demuxes/muxes the video and audio elements from/into a container file.

-    RTP Receiver/Sender Module: Receives video and audio elements from separate RTP streams. Streams video and audio elements with respective RTP streams to a destination over the network.

-    Video Composition: Compositing of from 2 to 16 input video streams into a video mosaic. The composition module can assist with development of a multipoint control unit (MCU) within a conference server (supports WebRTC).

-    Provide video pipeline processing samples for video streaming, video analytics and video conferencing.