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Designed to support different hardware architectures, including x86, Cavium, Broadcom and Intel® Red Rock Canyon, ADLINK PacketManager provides a hardware abstraction layer (HAL), to make transparent the differences in hardware between platforms. In addition to HAL, ADLINK PacketManager also includes a variety of L2/L3 protocols, as well as flow handling routines that allow customers to develop their own applications for both data and control planes with less effort.


-    Unified Hardware Abstraction Layer to support Intel, Cavium and Broadcom chipsets

-    Rich APIs for customers to develop their own software modules

-    Full support for IPv4 and IPv6 routing

-    Full support for flow-based classification, filtering, and policies such as load-balancing, mirroring

-    Hardware offloading for data encryption and compression

-    Protocols supported: STP, VLAN, LACP, IPv4, IPv6, RIP, OSPF, BGP, GTP

-    Up to 10x and 4x performance increase for forwarding and DPI applications, respectively

-    Performance scales linearly with CPU resources and number of ports