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Made and improved over the time with projects for our customers, we are now proposing our libraries (YES!) to the end-users. Coming from the data acquisition world, to face the demanding need of Terabytes of data acquisition storage, display and zoom, which are unhandled in usual libraries, we’ve created the YES! in order to satisfy our customers needs. These libraries are constantly improved to provide state-of-the-art graphic components for professional waveform displays, communication (data-flow management) and calculation.

It also provides the required layer of abstraction helping us and our customer to switch from a hardware vendor to another or mixing the hardware from different vendors to perfectly match the needs and requirements. Based on Qt, our libraries are compatible with the most important OS available and allow to mix them in a acquisition/ generation systems.  

In details

  • client*/ multi-server capabilities  
  • Graphical objects for easy design of GUI (data acquisition focus)  
  • Hookup for distributing processing capabilities over several CPUs  
  • Standard calculations (SFDR, FFT…)  
  • Abstraction layer integrating cards from different vendors  
  • Optimization for efficient Data streaming to memory or SSD's  
  • Multi-threaded (Thread safe) 


  • Preview TBs of data within seconds 
  • Browse the entire file within seconds 
  • Zoom, rescale,  move within the wave at will. 
  • Accepted Data  Format: 8 bits, 10 bits, 12 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits, 8 bits I&Q (contiguous samples), 12 bits I&Q, 16 bits I&Q, 32 bits I&Q input format. 
  • Multithreaded and  responsive 
  • Compression All set Data are displayed. 
  • Raw data Export  format (*.bin) or HDF5 (*.h5), contact us for more options

More details about Wavecuttm

Wavecut is an Usual tools for software data processing may have difficulties in handling  TB of data or may have a slow reaction time. WaveCut is designed for an efficient load and handling of such huge waveforms and provide a visualization in a snap. The complete TB signal can be displayed and you can navigate your wave and select/ export portions for a later analysis in your preferred tool.