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The DN2.20x digitizerNETBOX series allows recording of two, four or eight channels with sampling rates of 100 MS/s or one, two or four channels with sampling rates of 200 MS/s. The DN2.20x digitizerNETBOX is based on the broven M2i.20xx-Exp digitizer hardware and allows to record fast signals simultaneously on multiple channels.

The remote instrument can be connected to the LAN environment or directly to a Laptop or Workstation. All functions of the instrument can be controlled remotely.


- 8 x 100 MS/s or 4 x 200 MS/s

- 2, 4 or 8 channel versions

- Simultaneously sampling on all channels

- Separate ADC and amplifier per channel

- 7 input ranges: +/-50 mV up to +/-5 V

- Programmable input offset of +/-400%

- Window, pulse width, re-arm, OR/AND trigger

- Ethernet/LXI remote device