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The generatorNETBOX DN2.60x series allows arbitrary signal generation on up to 8 channels with update (sampling) rates of up to 60 MS/s or 4 channels with update rates of up to125 MS/s. These Ethernet
Remote instruments offer outstanding D/A features both in resolution and signal quality. The combination of high sampling rate and resolution makes these AWGs the top-of-the-range for mid-speed applications that require high quality signal generation.

The generatorNETBOX can be installed anywhere in the company LAN and can be remotley controlled from a host PC.


- 4 or 8 channel versions

- Fast 14 bit arbitrary waveform generator

- Simultaneous arbitrary generation on all channels

- Output up to ± 3 V in 50 Ohm

- Offset and amplitude programmable

- 3 software selectable filters

- Features: Multiple Replay, Gated Replay, Sequence Replay Mode