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The SHQ series represents standalone High Precision labratory HV power supplies. With two digital interface configurations CAN and RS232 the device can be controlled by a PC. In a CAN configuration several SHQ device can be controlled simultaniously or the SHQ can be integrated into experiments or industrial applications. The voltage ramp is hardware fixed and can be changed in remote operation. For even better current resolution the SHQ can be ordered with option „0n1“.


-    2 line display for voltage and current

-    RS232 or CAN interface

-    switchable polarity

-    high precision / very low ripple and noise

-    high resolution: 1nA (opt. 100pA)/100mV (opt. 10mV)

-    programmable voltage ramp


Vnom                                  2kV                                   4kV                                 6kV

ripple & noise                 1e-6 · Vnom                   5e-7 ⋅ Vnom                      8e-7 ⋅ Vnom

HV connector                      SHV                                  SHV                                 SHV