µCUBE2 expansion enclosure

Brand Format Availability
MAGMA - OneStopSystems PCIe Available

The µCUBE2 desktop enclosure supports up to three full-height I/O cards up to 9.55" long and includes a PCIe cable adapter and cable or Thunderbolt cable and a 180-watt power supply.


-   One PCIe x8 Gen3

-   Two PCIe x4 Gen3

-   180W power supply (external)

-   Thunderbolt, PCIe x1, x4, x8, x16 or Gen3 x16 and 1M PCIe cable or .5M Thunderbolt cable

-   One low CFM fan

-   0-50°C 10-90% relative humidity 0-10,000 feet above sea level

-   -40 to 85°C 5-96% relative humidity 0-50,000 feet above sea level