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HPS devices are digital controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with high power density at best output characteristics. The processor controlled supplies can fl exibly be adapted to any kind of application by confi guring many options.

PWM controlled output parameters, small ripple and noise and stored energy, up to 93% effi ciency and almost loss free switching of semiconductors makes HPS devices the most advanced AC/DC HV power supply for industrial and research applications.


-    best control characteristics

-    multiple interface options

-    capacitor charger option (optional CLD)

-    ultrafast ARC management (optional ARC/ARCpro)

-    very low ripple and noise, very low EMI

-    parallel operation for power increase


model                       HPS 1.5kW - 10kW                               HPS 300W/800W                              HPS 350W

Vnom                            1kV - 100kV                                         1kV - 30kV                                  1kV - 70kV

ripple & noise         3e-3*Vnom - 9e-3*Vnom                     1e-4*Vnom - 5e-4*Vnom                        2.-3*Vnom