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Wiener 19" rackmount chassis
  • HEP: Supply Detectors and Detector’s Electronic
  • Widely used at ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb

The PL 506 is a high sophisticated, high density, programmable 6-channel floating low-voltage power supply system. Using the remote monitoring and control features either via USB or Ethernet it can be used to supply external load-channels with high power consumption also over long distances. Up to 3kW (3Ubox) DC output power can be provided.


- up to 6 independent, potential free low voltage DC outputs, with up to 3 kW output power

- Fully microprocessor controlled, programmable warning and trip levels

- Programmable voltages, current limits, ramping up/down and group behavior

- Sense line compensation or impedance control selectable

- Extremely low noise and ripple