Brand Format Applications Availability
Keysight AXIe
  • Medical Imaging
  • MIMO
  • Transportable applications
  • Medium Scale experiments


The M9505A AXIe Chassis is fully compatible with the AXIe 1.0 specification. It includes an embedded system module (ESM) that does not take up an instrument slot. This system module performs the chassis management functions contained in the AXIe specification. Additionally, it provides PCI and LAN interfaces for connection to an external computer, external clock and trigger connectors, and Keysight-exclusive, inter-chassis synchronization connectors. The local bus implemented in the M9505A provides the maximum 62 pairs allowed by the AXIe specification. Combine the M9505A with the M9048A PCIe Desktop Adaptor to achieve the highest system bandwidth.

The instrument modules slots are arranged horizontally to minimize rack space. This arrangement combined with a high-performance cooling system allows the chassis to be racked in only 4U of space. The M9505A is also designed to be easily maintained as both the power supply and fan tray can be removed while the chassis remains in the rack.


- 5 slots for AXIe instrument modules

- Embedded AXIe system module

- High Power, 200W Cooling per slot