nanoCUBE expansion enclosure

Brand Format Availability
MAGMA - OneStopSystems PCIe Available

The nanoCUBE supports a single PCIe x8 3.0 card up to 7.3" long, allowing you to add greater functionality to your notebook or workstation when connected with PCIe expansion. Includes PCIe cable adapter and cable or Thunderbolt cable and 38-watt external power supply.


-   One single-wide PCIe x8 Gen3 slot

-   Max Power per slot is 75W

-   36W power supply (external)

-   Express Card x1 or x4, PCIe x1, PCIe x4, or PCIe x8 cable adapter and 1M PCIe cable

-   One low CFM fan

-   0-50°C 10-90% relative humidity 0-10,000 feet above sea level

-   -40 to 85°C 5-96% relative humidity 0-50,000 feet above sea level