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The iseg NHR modules are multi-channel high voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette format.

The NHR provides up 4 channels, each with an independent voltage and current control and electronically reversible polarity.

The 6kV channel provides a maximum versatility: with three electronically switchable HV-generation modes it can supply 4mA up to voltages of 2kV, 3mA up to 4kV and 2mA up to 6kV. Alternatively the NHR can be equipped with cost efficient 2kV/6mA channels.

Several NHR modules can be daisy-chained by CAN and controlled with a single USB connection or by an iseg iCS system. The hardware is made of best components such as 24 bit ADC and 20 bit DAC, the approved front panel control of the NHS series with TFT display allows userfriendly intuitive operation.

The  NHR is equipped with a comprehensive set of security features like overvoltage and short circuit protection, hardware limits and much more.


-   4 channel, polarity electronically switchable

-   versatile 6kV-channel with switchable HV-generation modes: 6kV/2mA, 4kV/3mA and 2kV/4mA or 2kV/6mA-channel

-   High Precision and Standard version (High Precision with second current measurement range 20μA for high resolution)

-   common floating ground

-   very low ripple and noise

-   front panel control with 1,44” TFT display

-   voltage and current control per channel

-   programmable parameters

-   hardware voltage and current limits

-   USB and CAN interface