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YellowSys 19" rackmount chassis
  • Test & Measurement
  • Fast Acquisition and Generation
  • High Speed Data Recording and Playback
  • High Speed Digitizing


The WideBand Data Recorder/ Player RP-HPC-12/4 provides to the user high-resolution sampling with 12-bit on a large band 1 [GHz] for 1 hour. Using the finest NVMe SSD disks, it can be scaled-up on purpose.

RP-HPC-12/4 is ideal for an integration in the lab or in a test environment. It can be a local storage close-by your sensors/detectors for postmortem debug or it can contain the test vectors for your device under test (radar, communication system, …). The High-Power Computing Unit (HPC) combined with “on the fly” analysis capabilities is ideal as a triggering system based on complex information. 

Searching for interesting portion in the full waveform can be done with the WaveCut™ program: After selecting the area of interest and cutting it, the dataset can be easily imported in a third party tool like MATLAB® for example. 

Already existing in the YES! Libraries™, the client-server architecture provides remote control and monitoring capabilities (available as an option).

Please visit the Yellowsys website for further information.

Hardware Specifications

Analog Input (Front-End & Conversion)

  • Nbr of Channels 2 
  • Full Scale Range 2 Vpp 
  • Coupling DC 
  • Impedance 50 ohm 
  • Connector SSMC 
  • Bandwidth 1 GHz 
  • ADC resolution 12-bit 
  • ADC Sampling rate 1 GSPS

Analog Output (Front-End & Conversion) 

  • Nbr of ADC Channels 2 
  • Full Scale Range 1 Vpp 
  • Coupling DC 
  • Impedance 50 ohm 
  • Connector SSMC 
  • Bandwidth 1 GHz 
  • DAC resolution 16-bit 
  • DAC conversion rate 1 GSPS

Digital Signal Processing

  • 60-TAP min. programmable FIR filter 
  • Re-sampling 
  • Virtex6 SX315 available for customer


  • Intel Xeon E5 (2x), 28 cores standard (opt. up-to 44 cores)


  • 4 TB standard (more on request)

R/W performances

  • 2.4 GB/s sustain continuous read or write. Optimization/ Maximization of the 
  • Data Throughput with re-sampling.


  • 2U, 19’’ server, contact us for a different format


The RP-HPC-12/4 is build on YES! Libraries™ and runs under LINUX (.deb) or Windows. It includes: API, examples, documentation and the WaveCut™ application. WaveCut™ is an easy GUI made to visualize TB of data in a snap. It is useful for selecting the interesting parts of the signal before conditioning or “post” analyzing.

HPC feature

Delivered with 2 Xeon processors (14 cores each in the standard version), it provides the user powerful resources for data analysis and processing: 

modulation-demodulation, peak finding, noise reduction, data compression, equalization… Example: User application can intercept the data “on the fly” through the API, demodulate the signal and send a trigger only after recognizing a user-defined event.


By default, FIR filters are implemented on the data paths, after the ADC and before the DAC. This feature is useful for re-sampling the signal and optimizing the throughput and the signal to noise ratio. The FPGA can be optionally opened to the user.