6U VXS 6021 - 6023 Chassis

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Wiener VME
  • Large Experiment

The WIENER VXS 6023 crate series adds high performance Switch Fabrics according to VITA 41 specification to VME based systems. Designed primarily for high speed applications in data acquisition, as well as military / aerospace test and instrumentation it combines superior mechanical quality with lowest noise power supply technology.

Featuring microprocessor controlled power supplies and fan trays it provides advanced integrated diagnostic and monitoring capabilities. Outfitted with IEEE 1101.10 compatible mechanics this crate series offers excellent EMC and ESD shielding.


- 19” x 8U enclosure for 21 VME/VXS cards 6U x 160mm, fully compliant to IEEE 1101.10/P with advanced EMC / ESD shielding, modular design with removable fan tray and power supply

- Monolithic 21 slot 6U VXS backplane with 2 Switch Card slots (slot 10, 11), 18 Payload Card and 1 legacy J1/J2 VME64x slot (slot1), other backplane configurations optional

- UEL 6020 EX Fan Tray designed to provide superior cooling of VME modules in bottom-to-top air flow, equipped with 3 individually controlled long-life DC fans, MTBF >65 000h

- Integrated fan speed and thermal monitoring, adjustable fan speed (1200 … 3600 RPM)

- Microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric high-visibility LED display for all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters (voltages, currents, power, temperatures, set-up data…)

- High density power supply in WIENER “Cavity-VHF” switching technology with excellent RF-shielding, optionally ultra low noise < 3mVpp (all voltages <12V), other rails <10mV

- 94V – 260V world-wide auto-range AC input, with power factor correction, CE-conformity