StorageBox 1000

Brand Format Availability
MAGMA - OneStopSystems PCIe Available

The High Capacity, Fastest and Most Modular Direct Attached NVMe Storage Device for VDI and HPC. Magma StorageBox 1000 (SB1000) provides 25.6TB of NVMe SSD storage through eight 2.5” drives. The SB1000 attaches through a PCIe card and cable operating at 128Gbps. This 1U JBOF provides super fast drive performance and low latency for the most demanding VDI and HPC applications.


-   Direct-attached storage NVMe drive enclosure

-   Up to eight (8) 2.5-inch hot-pluggable NVMe solid-state drives (SSD)

-   2 PCIe connectors for connection to server - x16 cable

-   1 Ethernet connector for connection to system monitoring tool

-   Multiple SB1000 can be connected through any available PCIe slot in server