Use Cases

F/A18 Repair Simulator


The soldiers of the Swiss Army in charge of the maintenance of the F/A-18 fighters need to be properly trained. For this purpose, simulators reproducing the possible failures of the electronic instrumentation systems have been created. 


We have provided industrial chassis, with SBC and many different types of IO including digital, ADC, DAC, timers and counters. All in a cPCI format easy to maintain and convenient for cabling. The customer was able to integrate this system within the simulator in a short timeframe. Very impressive!

This equipment is on-duty for many years now and need to be maintained operational during the complete time life of the F/A-18 fighter in Switzerland. We need then to garantee to the customer that we will always provide the parts they have bought or replacement parts. 

With cPCI-s, we can provide an up-to date standard (PCIe based, robust, Xeon D available) for a replacement of the cPCI. It gives a maximum flexibility to the customer. When needed, it's easy to upgrade the sensitive infrastructure (CPU + Power Supplies + Chassis and backplane) because MEN will produce strictly compatible IO modules during the time-life of the fighter. We can replace the electronic when convenient and without adaptation of the software and the cabling.