Use Cases

JUICE - Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer - Feasibility study


Researchers are constantly developing instruments that are send to space for the exploration of the solar system. 

In order to evaluate the solution before creating a real "flying" instrument and sending it to the Jupiter neighborhood, the team working on the NIM (Neutral gas and Ion Mass spectrometer) has created a first model of the instrument within the laboratory.  Made from COTS equipment, this instrument integrates precise and fast measures (GHz), power for the detectors and high voltage for steering and focusing the particles. The system and the components need to be versatile and robust: settings are often changed to constantly improve the performances of the prototype and follow the discoveries made during the test phase. 



MagentaSys provides the fast acquisition cards (digitizers) and the pedestal type server the digitizer fits in. With the same driver and software environment, various type of cards are in-use: 12-bit with on-board data processing, made in real time within the FPGA, 10-bit @10GS/S on another setup etc.

A single 19" mainframe (MPOD) combines cards from Wiener and ISEG and provides LV and HV channels. Here also, a single software interface can be used for all the channels. 

We have here a very good example of how our customers can mix and combine the modular equipment we are providing to create the complete experiment.